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My Coaching is primarily for people who consider themselves to be Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)--(Sensory-Sensitivity aka iNtuitive). High Sensitivity is a gift!  I am a highly sensory-sensitive, highly intuitive person myself and I specialize in emotional support and guidance for HSPs. (What is an HSP?)
I understand your pain--I have done the inner grief work necessary to rediscover my own vitality, find and express my true voice, and actualize my true self and my true purpose in life.

All my skills of writing and singing and songwriting have been catalysts in helping me express and find my true voice–to realize that my true purpose is empowering other highly sensitive souls to heal from their wounds from childhood and become the person they are meant to be. 

With my skills as an Empath and Life Coach, it is my privilege to support others as they heal their childhood wounds from emotional trauma and assist them in reconnecting to their true spirit as they process through the truth of what happened to them as children.

I believe that true healing occurs when a person is deeply heard and that is my gift as I serve as your companion and enlightened witness and accompany and guide you on your journey to vitality and healing.

So Welcome to my Website!

I am here to tell you that I believe in you and “You can do it”!  You are a special highly sensitive soul and you are sensitive for a reason.  I want to help you to feel good about yourself and find and actualize your true potential.

When you read my posts, song lyrics, and poems on my Blog, and my articles, and the testimonials written by my clients, it is my hope that this information will inspire you, comfort you, encourage you, and help you to overcome the negative emotions that keep you stuck in a state of self-doubt. Then contact me soon so that I may support you on your path to vitality and emotional health!

With love I am sending you warmest wishes and healing comfort as you embark on your healing journey,


Empathic Coaching For 
Healing Childhood Wounds​

  --Telephone Coaching
         and via Skype
  --Face-to-face Coaching
Specializing in emotional support for:

    ​--Recovery from Emotional Abuse
    --Highly Sensitive, Intuitive People (HSPs)
    --Healing From Difficult or Narcissistic Parents
    --Gifted Adults with Self-doubt
    --Mild Depression
    --Blocked Creativity
    --Inner Child Healing


Roxanne Elaine Smith​

Empathic Life Coaching for Healing Childhood Wounds

Bachelor of Science Degree in Child and Family Services
 --​with emphasis on humanistic
counseling psychology, sociology, family dynamics, and child development . (For more info. on her Credentials please click on the About page.)

​​Specialist in Inner Child Healing

​​Certified in Reiki I and II Energy Healing

​​Singer/Songwriter--Songs of Hope and Healing--RoxanneSmithMusic.com

Author of Self-Help Poetry and Lyrics

​Blog Author:  


Emotional Healing Disclaimer:
I am an Empathic Life Coach providing emotional support and intuitive guidance based on knowledge gained through my own personal and spiritual healing journey. Although I am experienced in the healing arts, I am not a licensed mental health counselor. My Life Coaching services and the information shared on this website is not to be considered mental health counseling. I do not diagnose, treat, or cure mental health disorders. Please consider my Life Coaching services and the emotional healing information shared here only in addition to and not in place of the advice, care, and evaluation from a licensed mental health counselor, psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, physician, or other licensed health care provider. Some clients may be referred to a licensed mental health professional.

Website Disclaimer:
The information shown on this website is offered in good faith. Any decisions you make based on this information and the consequences thereof are your own. Under no circumstances can you hold Roxanne Elaine Smith liable for any actions that you take.​​

      Copyright © 2011-2018 True Voice Life Coaching--True Voice Enterprises LLC.  All Rights Reserved. 

 Healing Support For:





  --Mild depression


Other areas I specialize in are:

--Techniques in journaling to unblock creativity

--Support for healing your wounded inner child

--Assisting you in understanding
your Highly Sensitive temperament type:

   *Intuitive (N on Myers-Briggs)
   *Academically Gifted

--Support for developing healthy boundaries in all of your relationships

--Methods of extreme self-care, positive affirmations, and helpful visualizations

--Understanding the effects of positive and negative energy and how to protect your self and recharge

--Support for overcoming overperfectionism, over-work, and mild compulsions:
such as over-shopping, saving things, and over-cleaning

--Healthy living tips for the highly sensitive body.

To find out if you are an HSP, click below to take the online self-test:



Alice Miller’s website has a wonderful article on ways to know that you are working with the right helping professional for you.
Please check it out at http://alice-miller.com/articles_en.php?force=faq
It is entitled “FAQ: How To Find The Right Therapist”.  I personally agree wholeheatedly with this article and I am open to all questions you may have before we begin. I fully commit to all requirements stated in this article--to take part as an enlightened witness that is necessary for the true healing of childhood wounds to occur. It needs to be clear though that I am not a licensed mental health counselor. Reading the About page, My Coaching Philosophy page, and my blog will help to answer many questions about my Coaching approach and my own healing process and recovery. Please also read my disclaimer on the bottom of this page.  I offer a free consultation by email to answer any further questions you may have and to see if we are a good match for each other.


Roxanne E. Smith​

Thank you for inquiring about my Coaching Services. ​
​*I am planning to start accepting new clients in late winter and early spring 2018. Check back here for more details to come.

​​For more information please 
see my Contact page.  :),

With Love,


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Serving Adult Survivors of Childhood
​    Emotional Abuse or Trauma And
Highly sensory-Sensitive People​ (HSPs).
--HSPSurvivors.com​. Indianapolis, Indiana

Welcome HSP Survivors and seekers of Inner Child Healing!
Please feel free to express yourself below, any way you want to!
​--anonymously if you prefer. ;D

​​Feel free to tell us about your emotional wounds from
​your childhood. Your story or comments will help others who are
​struggling to find their voice but aren't ready to speak out yet.

​​I believe it is SO helpful to help each other know we are not alone. I
​also believe ​It takes an HSP to heal an HSP! I hope this is a supportive
​page where you share your story, read others stories, share a message
​of hope and healing, or just leave your chosen pen name or email
​to say, "I am a Survivor too!" Survivors, you will heal as you learn
​to shine the light inside that is your gift upon yourself and others!

With love​​,