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For Finding Your True Voice, True Self, and True Vitality

Intuitive Coaching  for:
--Blocked Creativity
--Highly Sensitive, Intuitive People (HSPs)
--Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
--Abandonment Wounds From Childhood
--Gifted Adults with self-doubt
--Creative Artists with stagefright
--Spiritually Awakening Souls
--Energy healers and Lightworkers
--Awareness of triggers and how to cope
--Narcissistic Mother
--Healing From Childhood Wounds
--Emotional Support for trauma and grief

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My name is Roxanne Smith.

I am a Certified Reiki II Energy Practitioner and an

Empathic Intuitive Coach/Spiritual Counselor. 

I'm the CEO and Founder of True Voice Enterprises, LLC 


I'm so glad that you found your way here to my website! It is with great honor that I offer my services to help others, who experienced a similar plight in childhood, in past traumas, or ill health or injury, to find their true vitality and wellness that is hidden within them as I was able to do.

If you found your way here for Reiki Energy Healing Sessions please click here for more info about Reiki and how I work with clients to get healing energy flowing in the body for optimum healing of injuries, chronic pain, stress reduction, better sleep and relaxation, emotional ease, and increased energy, and more!

My other services may be an especially great fit for you too if you consider yourself to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Highly intuitive, Empath, INFJ or INFP, or if you are going through a Spiritual Awakening.

I specialize in energy healing, inner child healing of childhood wounds, and emotional support and guidance for all sensitives, intuitive people, and EMPATHIC SOULS--this includes you if you are a Creative Artist, a Compassionate, Introspective Soul, or if you resonate with such terms as Lightworker, Earth Angel, Starseed, Indigo, Seeker, Survivor, Visionary, or Entreprenuer. 

I believe High Sensitivity is a gift! I am a highly sensitive, highly intuitive person, and an empath. (What is an HSP?). Take the test to see!

I understand your pain--both physical and emotional. I've recovered from severe and chronic ill health, and I have done the inner grief work necessary to rediscover my own vitality, find and express my true voice, and actualize my true self and my true purpose in life. 

All my skills of writing and singing and songwriting have been catalysts in helping me express and find my true voice–to realize that my true purpose is empowering others to heal from their hidden emotional wounds and/or energy blockages and become the person they are meant to be. 

With my skills as an Empath, Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, and Reiki Energy Healer, it is my privilege to support others as they heal their past traumas, and assist them in reconnecting to their true spirit as they do their inner work to process through the truth of what happened to them as children and/or in their soul's journey. I also specialize in mentoring recovery from narcissistic abuse, narcissistic mothers, and PTSD from childhood wounds.  And now I assist with Reiki energy healing as well to assist the whole soul in body/mind/spirit/emotions for healing, balance, and optimum vitality.

For when you are seeking comforting  spiritual guidance that will help you to understand yourself better and know more about your true purpose...  For when you want to learn about the choices in your life that are for your highest good as a soul...  For when you want to learn to trust your own inner intuitive knowing and feel deeply validated as you journey on your soul's life path... 

Connecting With Spirit

and the Akashic Records

Contact me soon for a free email consultation so that I may begin to support you on your path to vitality and wholeness.  I look forward to hearing from you!

...for when you really need someone to listen--to hear and validate your deepest feelings.

You need someone skilled with compassion and empathy who understands deeply and without judgement...someone that you can trust.

I am here to tell you that I believe in you and “You can do it”!  You are a special highly sensitive soul and you are sensitive for a reason.  I want to help you to feel good about yourself and find and actualize your true potential.

I believe that true healing occurs when a person is deeply heard and that is my gift as I serve as your companion and enlightened witness and accompany and guide you on your self-healing journey.

When you read my posts, song lyrics, and poems on my Blog, and my articles, and the testimonials written by my clients, it is my hope that this information will inspire you, comfort you, encourage you, and help you to overcome the negative emotions that keep you stuck in a state of self-doubt. Our Blog Community is very special. With over 240,000 views since 2010, hundreds of sensitive souls have reached out to comment to share their stories. There is much free coaching guidance by me in the comment sections of many of my posts as well so please use my categories in the side bar of the blog to find posts meeting your current needs. More importantly though are the wonderful sharing of personal stories that help people to know they are not alone so please seek out these sections if you are needing support. 

Roxanne Elaine Smith

-Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Services 

            and Psychology

-Empathic, Intuitive Coach

-Inner Child Healing Facilitator

-Certified Reiki II Energy Healing Practitioner

-Akashic Record Reader and Angel Channeler

-Certified Ordained Minister/Spiritual Counselor

-CEO and Founder of True Voice Enterprises LLC

-Singer/songwriter-sound healing, songs of hope and healing (stream my music on Spotify, and iTunes...)

Coaching by Telephone,

Skype,  Facetime, or Hangouts,

or IN-PERSON Coaching 

"True emotional healing occurs when the painful truth is released and validated by a compassionate and safe witness." --Roxanne E. Smith


--I offer proven results with distance or in-person Reiki energy healing for chronic pain and other ailments--click on the Reiki page for more info. 

--I can help you learn special journaling techniques that will unblock your innate creativity and help you find your voice

--I offer support for learning how to self-sooth and comfort your wounded inner child

--I can assist you in understanding your temperament type and how to utilize your unique gifts and greatest creative potential

--I offer support for developing healthy boundaries in all of your relationships

--I can help you start feeling immediate results with my methods of "extreme self care" and energy management, positive affirmations, and helpful visualizations.

--I can help you to understand the effects of positive and negative energy and how to protect your self and recharge

--I can teach you healthy living tips for the highly sensitive body, mind, and spirit.

--And more...




*Intuitive (N on Myers-Briggs) 



*Academically Gifted

*Spiritually Awakening Souls

Support For:





Openings for clients are now available. Thank you for visiting my website. Please come back soon--new information and updates will be announced at the top of this page. 

With love and light, from my soul to yours, I am sending you my warmest, caring wishes for self-compassion and comfort as you embark on your healing journey to becoming your highest self.

Roxanne 😇🙏💖✨

Songs of Hope and Healing--Folk Rock Songs For the Soul


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