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Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my Energy Session Testimonials page. Here it is my hope that you will find comfort in knowing that my work has successfully helped others.

Sending you Peace and Comforting Wishes,

Roxanne ✨🙏💖😍✨


I am writing this as a testimonial to provide feedback on my results from your energy healing sessions and to encourage others to sign up!

No matter what I have asked for help have been able to quickly help me to feel better by the end of the healing session! I was expecting it would take multiple sessions and in general more this has been a pleasant surprise. 😊

When I had chronic pain in my thumb over a period of months...the pain was gone after 1 session! That makes a difference for me every day.

I am impressed how you are able use your skills to find out what my body is telling you about what it needs and where it needs it...even though I don't fully understand it...I see the results and that keeps me coming back to heal the next ache or pain...

Thanks also for helping with my pain in my back, fingers, wrist and elbow. And even when I have a session for general feels great to come out of the session feeling refreshed and relaxed.

I'm looking forward to many more sessions...keep doing what you are doing...amazing!


Carl S.


I've been very fortunate to have received energy healing from intuitive and gifted practitioners, but Roxanne is truly the best. After my session with Roxanne, I felt like I had fresh eyes. I was able to see myself and my life in a new light. My sense of self and self-worth have dramatically improved in a way that I can't quite put into words. I had a strong sense that Roxanne had removed a huge block in my life, and sure enough, my life changed the next day after the energy healing session.

I would highly recommend Roxanne to anyone, but especially someone who feels lost and has childhood trauma.

Erin R.


"Hi, Roxanne. I did notice a few things. I have had a lingering cough from a virus for about a month now and it seems to have almost gone completely away. I felt like my lungs really opened up. I also went for a run yesterday (and I am not really a runner but it is a major stress reliever for me) and it felt awesome. Very easy and felt like I could go on forever. 🙂 I know you said I might be sleepy, but I actually felt more energized as the day went on Tuesday after the session. I will definitely keep you in mind when patients need something more to help them along in their health! Thanks, Roxanne!”

Dr. Rachael

(Indianapolis area Chiropractor after a session with me)


Roxanne’s energy healing sessions have helped me with stress and I am sleeping better. She is very intuitive. I plan on continuing regular sessions with her to keep my energetic body balanced. I highly recommend her!

Dr. Melanie

(Naturopathic Dr. at Dragonfly Yoga and Wellness Center)


Roxanne has a true desire to help her clients feel loved, cared for, less stressed and in less pain. That is exactly what I experienced. I was having pain in one arm that was likely either tennis or golf elbow. I also have a small tear somewhere in the area of my collarbone on the opposite side that was causing a pain that radiated out to my shoulder and shoulder blade. Within a few days they were both feeling better, and 95% better 2 weeks out. I am a believer!

Cathie R.


I’ll have to say that my toe does seem to feel a little better. I can still feel it, but it isn’t as intense. So that is good. And, if I am not mistaken about the timing, my hips are feeling a LOT better. They feel stronger and don’t hurt when I go up stairs. So much so that I was “prancing” up a set of stairs thinking “boy, I am feeling pretty good,” I will get with you about another session. I want to get another appointment scheduled with you. Thank you.

C. R.

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