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Hello and Welcome to my information page about Phone Intuitive Coaching sessions (or Phone Intuitive Readings--added in 2019.)  Information about Video Call sessions is at the bottom of the page.

I love all of my Phone sessions! The reasons are:

--There is a better level of focused concentration because of the lack of visual distraction which for some highly sensitive people can be a perfect fit.

--You benefit from getting my feedback “in the moment” (as opposed to email coaching) which allows for a deep level of sharing and at the same time a level of anonymity so you can open up at your own pace.

--Being in the comfort of your own chosen location for our private conversation adds to the secure and safe feeling that is so important to my highly sensitive clients.

--My Phone session approach is client-centered which means that you take the lead and tell me whatever is comfortable for you to share or ask me--You are in the driver’s seat but with an added level of safety which provides an increased opportunity for self-discovery and deep healing.

Phone sessions can also be helpful for when you just need someone to listen and/or assist you in sorting out confusing feelings and feel relief. I can help to reassure you, comfort and intuitively guide you to understand the roots of these emotions and give you tools to understand and deal with these emotions when they come up for you in life.

How my Phone sessions can help you: If you are a survivor of childhood wounds, the emotional wounds are uncovered and healed in layers. As you reveal more of the injustices you endured and the feelings that you had to hide away, and feel validated through the intuitive process of my sessions, I can help you learn compassion for yourself and an ability to comfort yourself through the negative feelings and doubts that come up in your life. This and the knowledge of how to release these negative emotions is meant to help you to gain more trust in your creative ideas. With this generally comes a feeling of empowerment, a new-found trust in your true voice as a person, and a trust in your own inner guidance.

Here’s the Details–

Phone sessions are pre-arranged and pre-paid. (COSTS)

I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Here’s how it works–

1. Email me at to inquire and make an appointment. Please leave your name and a brief message about yourself and any questions you may have and include the time range that would be best for you for appointments. I am located in Eastern Daylight Time. Please determine the time difference prior to contacting me (or tell me your location and I will gladly determine this for you :) ).

2. I will return your email with answers to your questions and to determine if we are a good match for each other and if so I will give you a few appointment time choices for you to choose from. You email me to finalize the scheduling of the appointment.

3. You then make your payment by clicking on the Pay Now button for credit card or PayPal that is located at the bottom of the HOME page. Your session payments must be received by me 24 hours before the scheduled appointment takes place to hold your spot. Your payment will show up for me instantaneously so there is no waiting period. Then I will call you for the scheduled session at the scheduled time. 

A 24 hour notice is required to reschedule any session or a fee of 50% of the session will be charged. 

Video Call sessions work the same way as Phone sessions. All sessions are available by Video Call except Readings which are only available by Phone Call--this allows for a clearer reading and it requires a deeper level of concentration and the lack of visual distraction helps me to connect more deeply.

If you have any further questions please email me.

EMAIL me at:

With warm healing wishes,


Phone Sessions