True Voice Intuitive Life Coaching    

Intuitive Guidance, and Empathic Support, Spiritual Energy Work

For Reclaiming Your True Voice, True Self, and True Vitality

(This page written in 2011)

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My Services specialize in providing emotional support and intuitive guidance for people who consider themselves to be intuitive and compassionate people aka highly sensitive people (HSPs). I am a HSP myself and I believe true emotional vitality occurs when a person is deeply heard and hope is restored--that is the gift of an empathic Intuitive Coach.

I use the term "empathic" in my description because I believe empathy is the first and foremost important quality for a coach to have in order to truly support clients in their emotional healing journey and it is my greatest gift.

Using my empathic skills, I will be able to tune in to your feelings and needs with compassion and empathy and assist you in finding your own unique solutions and answers.

The answers are often inside of us but we can benefit from the assistance of someone with unique skills to help guide us through the maze of confusing messages in our heads caused by doubts, fears, and painful feelings originating in childhood so we can hear our own true voice and inner guidance and find our path to inner peace and vitality.

This kind of supportive coaching requires someone who is very strong in spirit and understands the depth of emotional pain experienced by highly sensitive people whose gifts have been misunderstood and sometimes exploited. I also understand the process involved in transmuting the layers of pain and repressed emotions that are still dormant as energy blockages in the body.

I am not a licensed psychotherapist. Some clients need more professional support in conjunction with my services and will be referred to seek out a licensed counselor or physician.  My inner child work techniques provide support for milder symptoms for those on a self-healing journey. It's meant for those who are seeking some intuitive and emotional support as they embark on their own inner grief work. They are often learning to overcome the vicious cycles of shame, self-doubt, and the spiraling negative thoughts of the inner critic--some of my clients have expressed that they have begun loving and comforting themselves as their TRUE VOICE and true self emerges as a result of feeling seen and validated on a deep level.

It is very important, when seeking out a helping professional, that you find someone who has done their own emotionally healing grief work. A counselor or coach, no matter if they are licensed or have a Ph.D., can unintentionally project their own unconscious issues onto you as their client if they have not done this. 

As John Bradshaw says about inner child healing, “no one can lead you somewhere that they haven’t been”.  As is evidenced throughout my blog, and in my writings and song lyrics, I have done the inner grief work and processed through the childhood wounds that kept me from speaking my truth, finding my voice, and pursuing my dreams and my true purpose in life.

My methods of coaching are client-centered and you as the client take the lead. They have foundations that are based on some of the teachings of Carl Rogers (Author of “On Becoming A Person”) and Alice Miller (Author who wrote “The Drama of the Gifted Child”). My education and experience in the client-centered (Rogerian) approach and the concept of "unconditional positive regard" of the client was pivotal in my own emotional healing and my successful experiences in helping others.

My own unique empathic techniques of emotional support are highly effective in supporting the self-healing of emotional blocks, childhood wounds, and self doubt. See Client Testimonials. My methods work well with the need for flexibility in recognizing the uniqueness of each individual client.

My style is warm, compassionate. and positive. I disclose personal information about myself and my own emotional healing and journey to be helpful as part of my unique coaching approach. It needs to be clear however, it is best that you think of me as your coach and companion and not as a friend because that could impede your healing journey if you are at all concerned about my feelings and having a friendship.

Privacy--Anything you disclose to me will be kept in complete confidence. All forms of communication with you will be protected with the utmost concern for your privacy.

The purpose of my work is to give you hope, listen to your feelings and validate and support them, help you gain clarity on solutions for life's challenges, guide you to see your true potential and greatness, and empower you to access and trust your own true voice and inner guidance–your spirit, your true self.

In cases where projections and transference come up while talking in our session, I may recommend you see a professional licensed mental health therapist to work through those issues in conjunction with my services depending on the severity.  My services are not covered by health insurance.

Please contact me if you are interested in coaching sessions for dealing with:
developing healthy boundaries, unblocking your creativity, support for dealing with mild co-dependence and perfectionism, and spiritual awakening mentorship.

Other areas I specialize in are:
assisting you in understanding your temperament type, methods of extreme self care, positive affirmations and helpful visualizations, understanding the effects of positive and negative energy and how to protect your self and recharge, and healthy living tips for the highly sensitive body.

I offer Email Coaching, Telephone sessions, Video Call, and Face-to-Face sessions for those in my home community. 

(To find out if you are an HSP, you might like to take the self-test at )

P.S. I know it’s hard to reach out to talk to someone like a life coach or spiritual mentor for the first time. I have been there myself–and I felt a lot of shame talking about my deep feelings for the first time. But when I did, I felt so much relief when I was responded to with compassion and empathy. It’s important to find someone who you can tell your truth to and I want to be that person for you–because I’ve been where you are and if I hadn’t reached out to talk to the right person, I wouldn’t be where I am today–I would still be suffering in silence.

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