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Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my Testimonials page. Here it is my hope that you will find comfort in knowing that my work has successfully helped others.  Energy Work Testimonials are at the bottom of this page and they also have their own separate page here.

Sending you warm, comforting and healing wishes ,

Roxanne ✨😇🙏💖✨


I am a professional woman in my early 40's and a Highly-Sensitive-Empath. Over the years I have consulted various counselors for depression, anxiety and ptsd. Mainstream counseling offered some improvement of those generic issues. However, my spiritual and emotional giftedness was disregarded by them. A few months ago I found Roxanne's website and called for the phone consultation. I found her to be warm, compassionate, and perceptive.

At the time, I had already initiated a first meeting with a new mainstream therapist who was covered by my insurance. After the first meeting, I intuited that I was a more advanced soul than the mainstream therapist. You have to be able to "see" someone to help them, and I felt Roxanne had "seen" me on the phone.

We've been doing one hour coaching sessions once a week on Skype. Besides being sensitive Roxanne is a professional, intelligent and attractive woman. She's sweet and kind, and has a soothing voice. It's wonderful in the comfort of home to sit and talk face to face with a warm, healthy, insightful sensitive. It's nice to have someone understand me so well emotionally.

In my family of origin I'm always expected to take care of everyone else and neglect myself. I'm learning to take better care of myself which is essential to fulfilling my true purpose on this earth. Roxanne doesn't always make you figure it all out like most counselors. She validates your specialness and offers intuitive observations. She's an "enlightened witness".

I feel her services are worth the out of pocket expense. Even at our healthiest, sensitives encounter situations weekly that overwhelm, confuse, hurt, or intrigue us. Roxanne is someone who could be a lifelong mentor to any sensitive person. Get in before she gets too full to take new clients!

- Beth


I have been receiving coaching from Roxanne for almost a year. I have been with many counselors before on my healing journey and find that Roxanne uniquely understands my issues having been through similar experience. I believe her understanding and ability to empathize with my problems greatly progressed my healing and recovery from my childhood trauma. I find Roxanne to be very warm, caring and dedicated person. I would highly recommend her services for anyone recovering from past abuse or needing a supportive voice.
K. D.


Roxanne helped me to make peace with where I am while gently encouraging me to keep learning and growing.
Her approach was compassionate and non-judgmental, and she had great insight into how I can flourish as an HSP. I particularly liked how she's all about possibility and hope rather than limitation and victimhood.

Thanks again, Roxanne, and I wish you health and happiness in the new year :-)



I am not a person who opens easily to other people. Not because I am shy or secretive, but I generally find that people don't really listen or hear what you are saying. It takes way too much background explanation for them to begin relating to you personally. This is just not the case with Roxanne. I could feel her listening and understanding exactly how I was feeling and what I am going through. Just being understood on that level gave me a feeling of confidence and positive affirmation. I have just recently begun sessions with Roxanne and am looking forward to all that are to come. This is just what I have been needing to ease me to the next level of major growth. Thank you for your empathy and wise intuition, and genuine spirit.



Dear Roxanne, I'm writing to thank you for your understanding, insightful and compassionate responses to my personal experience and confusion around dealing with my parent. Your honest and richly profound articles relate to my very experience! I am grateful to have found your website and will continue to seek healing and understanding....through the process of letting go! Letting go of toxic relationship, letting go of denying myself inner happiness, letting go of the lies and illusions. You stated that this is a grieving process......I feel it! I'm am at a point in my life where I have no other choice....but to LET GO....All of my negative, self sabotaging beliefs and actions along the way, have been hinged to the narcissist's dysfunction. Freedom within my heart and mind is the only answer, and through your coaching you helped me see this.

Thanks sincerely,



Hi Roxanne,

I can't begin to tell you how extremely helpful your words of
encouragement meant to me. I feel you are an understanding
compassionate and sensitive human being; similar to my
dearest childhood friend. I'm very fortunate to have someone
I can express my true feeling and frustrations to.

I will take your advice and begin a journal writing my private
thoughts and express how I'm feeling each and every day.
I enjoy walking and working out; I also go to a little chapel
after my exercise class to pray and meditate three times a week.
You have provided me with a sense of hope and comfort,
Thank you so much. May God Bless You,

Love, CS


Your coaching approach makes one feel safe to express their raw thoughts and emotions and the battles within, without being judged. You help to clarify, that I’m am not alone and not imagining or over dramatizing the personal realities of my experience. You helped me connect back to my true spirit. You helped me clarify the realities, through understanding the problem….then re-connecting to solutions in dealing with my own position…. I am grateful to have found you...You helped me so much, Roxanne.... and you helped me see that I am a work in progress!




Dear Roxanne,

I am so glad to read your long mail, and amazed at how you could read so much between the lines from my short letter. I didn't mean to make my earlier letter short, I wrote it in a moment of exasperation. But you have correctly identified my father as 'another' narcissistic personality, and you have thoroughly understood my situation though I didn't describe it in detail.

Thank you Roxanne so much for your big mail filled with warmth, and though we are far away, I feel glad in knowing that one person understands me. And just like you said, I need one person in India whom I can go for support, but right now I have none. But I have hope, and so I shall live.



Hello Roxanne!
Wow. What a relief to find your site. Thank you so much for your loving, compassionate words. Your posts have moved me to tears. I am 28 years old, and, through the work of an intuitive counselor, have been able to put a name to the source of my deep rooted misery. My abuser was absolutely a narcissist.... Thank you so much for your response. It helped me immensely. Thank you so so much for your caring and insightful email.





I appreciate this so much. Very validating. I actually deleted a section in my email about their passive aggressive behavior (this is very disturbing to me), and for you to point that out shows how very intuitive/knowledgeable you are. I will have to reread this again and again to fully absorb it as I am doing with your informative blog posts. Saying thank you does not describe how grateful I am for your knowledge, understanding, and kindness. Words cannot describe how I feel.



Roxanne, I can honestly say that you are the first person I have ever spoken with that has made me feel even remotely comfortable sharing so much about myself. I am now beginning to see that it is so hard for me to do so because of my childhood, and it is because of you that this has become possible. Having you validate my feelings has been an incredible gift, and I’m even starting to see ways that I can self-sooth. In sharing your experiences, I could really know that you understood how I was feeling, which bypassed the doubt that I always feel when I share things with others. I wish I could explain more about how much I truly valued your help and how much you comforted me, but I really can’t write it in a way that can accurately express it. I know that others will find just as much value in your coaching as I did.

Many, many thanks,



You have helped me a great deal. I feel as though I am beginning to understand myself so much and have had many "aha" moments since your reply and allowing your points to sink in. You are wonderful at what you do and I feel so lucky to have come into contact with you.

I now know that not only will I continue to be more comfortable with myself by knowing I am the way I am for a reason, but also know that a lot of strength is building in many ways and I just know there is something great in the works when it comes to my job and some new choices with work that have been made recently.

I am learning to trust myself, to follow my intuition and to make decisions that will allow me to use my "gifts" as assets at work and in life. You have had a huge part in that and in the great things that are on the way and I just want to say thank you in advance :)

I believe us working together is beginning the process of change.

Thank you for this. I don't feel like I could thank you enough :)


Roxanne, thank you so much for this. I am so excited and happy to read these things :). I have a feeling that many great things are going to become possible now, beginning with working with you.

Here are some more specific points that were helpful:

Sections: By breaking the e-mail down into sections and replying to each point, that was really great and made each reply super clear and it felt like a personal conversation.

Resources: By offering the different resources (books, personality quiz, visualizations) this was so awesome and gives a great opportunity to continue learning and growing.

Insights: By offering your insights and the way you offered you own similarities, I felt so understood and loved that. I feel as though we have connected very will from the start by you offering information about yourself and this is fantastic.

Thank you for this, I don't feel like I could thank you enough :)

Renee Primeau--

Here is her blog entry that she wrote about Roxanne,

My awesome new life coach, Roxanne Smith, is a personal coach specializing in Highly Sensitive People.
She is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), herself.  What Roxanne aims to do is to help this 1/5 of the population understand themselves and their trait so that they can live the fulfilling lives they were born to live.

Since most HSPs are either unaware of their trait, misunderstand it perhaps by feeling there is something “wrong” with them, or may know about it but feel ashamed or “weird”, she helps to bring this trait to light, assists the HSP in finding comfort and appreciation for this great asset (which is what it really is), and helps them deal with the over-stimulation that can occur when proper self-care isn’t taken.

Roxanne is such an interesting and genuine person and she offers very amazing and helpful insights. The life transformations she has helped along are unreal and I am very excited to share more about her and the topic of Highly Sensitive People in future entries!



Roxanne, Your words are gold…I love the way you write, and how in-depth you go. I can always go back and reread what you wrote to me and find something I missed the first time. You really make me think and bring issues into perspective. This is very helpful. When you give examples of your own personal experiences, I feel that you relate and truly understand. This is very comforting. You are an amazing woman. The world is better place with you here. We need more people like you.




My Akashic Record readings with Roxanne were very helpful. I was needing guidance with some decisions and the readings provided clarity. In addition, the readings helped me better understand and connect to my true nature. I felt relaxed and at peace after each session. Roxanne is intuitive and inspiring. I highly recommend spending time with her. You won’t regret it!




:) this was amazing and "spot on" ... illuminating :) I can't express in words the range of grateful feelings I have been experiencing the past week as I have finally reached out and had real Love clarify the events of my life. Thank you so much! I am truly grateful. I would love to go forward with more sessions and coaching, but since my financial situation needs resolved, I can't afford it. When I can, I look forward to continuing a coaching relationship.

Love and light, - Kenny


"Roxanne helped me gain confidence in my divine guidance by using her own strong connection. Since my session with her, I have felt more in tune with my life and that I have the tools to manifest the life I have been seeking.

Thank you for sharing your gift, Roxanne."





I am writing this as a testimonial to provide feedback on my results from your energy healing sessions and to encourage others to sign up!

No matter what I have asked for help have been able to quickly help me to feel better by the end of the session! I was expecting it would take multiple sessions and in general more this has been a pleasant surprise. 😊

When I had chronic pain in my thumb over a period of months...the pain was gone after 1 session! That makes a difference for me every day.

I am impressed how you are able use your skills to find out what my body is telling you about what it needs and where it needs it...even though I don't fully understand it...I see the results and that keeps me coming back to heal the next ache or pain...

Thanks also for helping with my pain in my back, fingers, wrist and elbow. And even when I have a session for general feels great to come out of the session feeling refreshed and relaxed.

I'm looking forward to many more sessions...keep doing what you are doing...amazing!


Carl S.


I've been very fortunate to have received energy healing from intuitive and gifted practitioners, but Roxanne is truly the best. After my session with Roxanne, I felt like I had fresh eyes. I was able to see myself and my life in a new light. My sense of self and self-worth have dramatically improved in a way that I can't quite put into words. I had a strong sense that Roxanne had removed a huge block in my life, and sure enough, my life changed the next day after the session.

I would highly recommend Roxanne to anyone, but especially someone who feels lost and has childhood trauma.

Erin R.


"Hi, Roxanne. I did notice a few things. I have had a lingering cough from a virus for about a month now and it seems to have almost gone completely away. I felt like my lungs really opened up. I also went for a run yesterday (and I am not really a runner but it is a major stress reliever for me) and it felt awesome. Very easy and felt like I could go on forever. 🙂 I know you said I might be sleepy, but I actually felt more energized as the day went on Tuesday after the session. I will definitely keep you in mind when patients need something more to help them along in their health! Thanks, Roxanne!”

Dr. Rachael

(Indianapolis area Chiropractor after a session with me)


Roxanne’s energy healing sessions have helped me with stress and I am sleeping better. She is very intuitive. I plan on continuing regular sessions with her to keep my energetic body balanced. I highly recommend her!

Dr. Melanie

(Naturopathic Dr. at Dragonfly Yoga and Wellness Center)


Roxanne has a true desire to help her clients feel loved, cared for, less stressed and in less pain. That is exactly what I experienced. I was having pain in one arm that was likely either tennis or golf elbow. I also have a small tear somewhere in the area of my collarbone on the opposite side that was causing a pain that radiated out to my shoulder and shoulder blade. Within a few days they were both feeling better, and 95% better 2 weeks out. I am a believer!

Cathie R.


I’ll have to say that my toe does seem to feel a little better. I can still feel it, but it isn’t as intense. So that is good. And, if I am not mistaken about the timing, my hips are feeling a LOT better. They feel stronger and don’t hurt when I go up stairs. So much so that I was “prancing” up a set of stairs thinking “boy, I am feeling pretty good,” I will get with you about another session. I want to get another appointment scheduled with you. Thank you.

C. R.