True Voice Intuitive Life Coaching    

Intuitive Guidance, and Empathic Support, Spiritual Energy Work

For Reclaiming Your True Voice, True Self, and True Vitality

My Spiritual Intuitive Coaching

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for inquiring about

My Spiritual Intuitive Coaching.

--I am an experienced Empathic Intuitive Coach working 

with Highly Sensitive adults with childhood wounds or for those

wanting empathic and intuitive spiritual guidance.

--I provide emotional support, intuitive guidance, and special

spiritual and empathic skills to those adults who are suffering with various

levels of self-doubt in achieving their dreams and who want assistance in understanding their emotional and creative blocks.

--My style is warm, compassionate, and empathetic, and I use unconditional positive regard for my clients' feelings as the basis for my sessions.
--My coaching supportive approach is based on some of the principles of Carl Rogers (client-centered), and Alice Miller (inner child support) and John Gray (understanding emotional blocks). My sessions are not meant to take the place of professional licensed counseling or a doctor's care and it's for those who would like clarity, spiritual intuitive guidance, and mentoring from a highly sensitive companion through their own self-healing process. 

Here is the Longer Version 😊--

As an Empathic Intuitive Coach, it is my privilege to be helping other people work through their creative blocks, understand their inner wounds, find their true selves and express their true voice.

I am not a licensed mental health counselor and I do not diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or physical disorders. 

I specialize in assisting individuals who are highly intuitive and spiritual, who want to learn more about their sensory-sensitivity and are drawn to the counselor, writer, artistic or healing types of professions. This introspective and compassionate type of individual often suffers from hidden low self-esteem and self-doubt.

As an Empath and an Intuitive, I can assist you in healing your own blocks and repressed emotions that inhibit you from fulfilling your true potential and expressing your creative gifts. I can help guide you to find your own inner guidance and true purpose in life and help you learn how to express your true voice, and feel more inner strength, confidence, and vitality.

In addition to my college training and experience coaching others, I have done the inner grief work necessary for my own growth and healing. Through my own unique journaling techniques and writing self-help, inspirational poetry, I have worked through my own creative blocks and now in addition to finding my true purpose as an intuitive coach and spiritual mentor, I am a writer, and a singer/songwriter.

After much self-growth and healing, and raising two children with their self-esteem and emotional health as my first priority, it is now my great honor to utilize my empathic and intuitive gifts to benefit others who long for freedom from self-doubt and are searching for self-actualization.

I am able to successfully assist others on their healing journey by validating the truth of their experiences and helping them grow confident in their own true voice and discover their true purpose.

Many of my clients are often people who are natural chameleons and those helping others to a fault (rescuers).

They often "lose themselves" in the needs of others and struggle to feel confident even though they are high achieving, successful, and highly competent people.

Others are underachievers--highly sensory-sensitive and gifted individuals who have deep insecurities and have been unable to even acknowledge their gifts and true potential because of a learned helplessness or inner shame and self-doubt originating from childhood.

They get by by continuing to numb their emotions and keeping people at a safe distance which is often accompanied with occasional bouts of emotional pain, and loneliness. I help them to understand that loneliness is a symptom of the traumatic separation from the true self that occurred in early childhood (Alice Miller).

With spiritual intuitive guidance I accompany them as they, regain the vitality and spontaneous emotion and joy for living that accompanies access to the true self. The illusions that protected them from the painful truth often then fall away and an inner strength to grieve the loss of a healthy childhood emerges.

My unique empathic techniques assist them as they change their faulty beliefs about themselves that were formed in early childhood and they learn to understand the roots of their self-doubt, anxiety, and mild-depression.

Some clients have told me that they have started to feel relief and hope and an ability to relax.  They are learning to love and accept themselves and feel inner peace and vitality. My ability to empathize and deeply hear my clients' unmet emotional needs and intuitively sense their repressed feelings from childhood allows a safe space for them throughout their own healing process.

They can then start expressing their true voice and spirit and discovering their blocked and impeded dreams and desires.

I feel honored to have the opportunity to help you to begin to tap into your innate creativity and find the natural positive flow of energy that exists inside of you.  Contact me soon at