True Voice Intuitive Coaching and Reiki   

Reiki Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance, and Empathic Support

For Finding Your True Voice, True Self, and True Vitality

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--Payment for online sessions are made before each session using the PayNow Button in the pink box at the bottom of the Home page.

or Call Phone Number: 317-797-1557 Please leave a message!

I will return your call as soon as possible.

My new Office Space:  Zionsville Family Chiropractic,

1285 Parkway Dr., Zionsville, Indiana  46077

--Payments for in-person sessions are collected after the session. (Credit card, or cash is accepted).

✨Updated November 2020!✨

This is the "Contact/Costs" Page. 

🌟Covid 19 UPDATES are in purple--

IN-PERSON SESSIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE. My new location has strict COVID-19 Procedures for your safety and ours!

✨💖You've come to the right place for Comforting, Empowering, Uplifting, Compassionate, Healing Sessions of Love and Light for Sensitive Souls,

all stemming from Deep Understanding coming from Personal Experience. 

--Holistic, Intuitive Talk Therapy/Reiki Energy Healing/or Intuitive Channeled Readings.💖✨

(🤓Please check out all my website pages in the menu above for detailed information on my wide range of services, and professional credentials. 🤓)

All Coaching Sessions:

$99 per 60 minute sessions, 

$111.00 for 75 minutes,
$123.00 for 90 minutes.
Available by Phone or Video Call. (🌟In-person visits are now available for those in the Indianapolis, Indiana area)

This includes Sessions for: 

--Coaching For Empaths and Highly Sensitive Souls (HSPs)  

--Inner Child Coaching for childhood or past emotional wounds.

--Coaching for Unblocking Creativity-- for ALL art forms, includes Journaling Techniques.

--Spiritual Counseling for Awakening Souls--navigating the new journey.

--Coaching For HSP Survivors--Recovery From Narcissistic Parents and PTSD, Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers.

--Coaching For Codependency, Shame, Guilt, Anxiety, Self-Doubt--overcoming the inner critic and self-sabotage.

--Coaching For Temperament Typing--Guidance with the test and results.

--Coaching For Gifted Adults with underachievement or overachievement.

--Coaching For Lifestyle adjustment for the Highly Sensitive Body--anti-inflammatory diet tips and helpful holistic recommendations for overcoming chronic health conditions such as candida, low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, and food allergies, and more.

--Coaching For Overcoming Stagefright 

--Coaching For Introverts.

--Coaching For INFJs or INFPs.

--Coaching For Grief, Loss, and Transitions.

--Coaching For General Emotional Support for Deep Inner Grief Work

--Intuitive Spiritual Counseling For Trauma or Past Life Emotional Healing.   

--Intuitive Coaching and emotional healing support For Old Souls, Lightworkers, Indigos, Starseeds, and all spiritual Seekers.

--Intuitive Angel Readings (see page for more info)

--Akashic Record Readings (see page for more info)

--You may MIX or combine all of these services during your time including some Reiki work as well if you choose.


🌟Distance Reiki is available for ONLINE clients by phone. Please read my Reiki Info Page before scheduling your session.

HOURS: All sessions are available Tuesday through Thursday 12pm-7pm EST, Friday 12-4,  (Saturday 12-2pm by special request only--and other times may be available upon request due to special circumstances).

All Reiki sessions are available IN-PERSON in Indianapolis for: 

(🌟Updated: In-person visits are now available with strict covid-19 procedures in place!)

$66 for a 30 minute Reiki introductory session

$77 for a 45 minute Reiki full session

$99 for a 60 minute Reiki Chakra Balancing session.

$111 for a 75-minute Reiki/Intuitive Wellness Coaching/Chakra Balancing session

A free MP3 recording of your session is available upon request.

These Reiki sessions and all IN-PERSON Intuitive Coaching/Spiritual Counseling Sessions and Readings take place at Zionsville Family Chiropractic. (see map below). (🌟In-person visits are now available)

🌟Distance Reiki is available for ONLINE clients by phone. Please read my Reiki Info Page before scheduling your session. 

Hello and Welcome! ✨ 😊 ✨ 

Please email me if you are interested in any of my services.  I provide a free email consultation  to see if we are a good match for each other and to answer all of the questions you may have about the services I provide. Of course you may call and leave a telephone message if you prefer. 😊

I am so happy that you have found your way to this page. I send you my warmest, heartfelt wishes, of comfort, compassion, and encouragement on your journey. Wishing you the fulfillment of emotional and physical vitality and wholeness for your highest good as a soul! I look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your healing journey.

With love and light,

Roxanne 😇🙏💖✨ 

  Roxanne E. Smith 2014 photo

Photo of Roxanne's home office--for distance Reiki only.