True Voice Life Coaching

Intuitive Guidance and Emotional Support For Finding Your True Voice, 

True Self, and True Purpose.

January 14, 2011

On Becoming an Intuitive Life Coach:

I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Child and Family Services at the age of 21. In college, I was trained and worked as a peer counselor. My internship was completed at a Children's Resource Center working with children with emotional needs resulting from problems originating in their family of origin. My dreams were to someday help people on a deep emotional level. Then, in my early 20's, I worked with a Psychologist with her Ph. D in Clinical Psychology who told me I had a gift of writing that would allow me to be my own psychologist.

She explained to me that I was an INFJ (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judicial) temperament type, the same as she was, and with this I had what was similar to "antennae" with which I could accurately intuit the feelings of others.

She and I together discovered that I experienced emotional trauma as a child and she revealed that she had also benefitted from counseling in the past. After showing her some of my poems, which I started writing at the age of 14, she told me that I had an amazing ability to tell my truth in writing, get in touch with my inner feelings and write it out in a way that I expressed my true spirit and heal my self....She was right!

She told me I'd make a great psychologist and encouraged me to go to graduate school. I put graduate school on hold and chose a different path, one that I now believe was even more healing for me because of what I was able to learn in order to help others. I raised two academically gifted children with their self-esteem and emotional health as my utmost concern. It is this accomplishment and my relationships with my children for which I am the most proud.

When my children were in high school I was able to truly find and express my true voice as a writer and "as a person". This happened as a result of my intensive inner grief work over a period of years starting in 2003 when I was purging my childhood pain and truth and self-discoveries on paper through journaling and poetry which lead to writing my songs of hope and healing which started in 2004. In December 2009, I embarked on an important step towards standing in my truth and expressing my true voice--I experienced a surge of exhilarating positive energy as I started a Wordpress Blog to help others to heal and share my healing songs and writings with others.

The following year, as a natural progression from the successful reception of my blog, I started my online Email Coaching and Telephone Coaching as an Empathic Life Coach on my Blog-site. And without spending any money, and with just a tiny bit of advertising, I had over 24,000 views to my site in one year and much success in attracting clients to my Coaching Services.

Now I have expanded and added this website for my life coaching services business. It is with great honor that I continue to help others, who experienced a similar plight in childhood, to find their vitality that is hidden within them, their true voice, and their true purpose in life as I was able to do.

Sending you warmest regards and healing wishes,


I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Child and Family Services from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in the spring of 1983--with emphasis on humanistic counseling psychology, sociology, family dynamics, and child development. 

On March 9, 2018 I received my certification as an Ordained Minister which provides me with the credentials to do spiritual counseling and guidance, and mentoring.